Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy

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Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Teether

Imaginations at Play!

Time Honored Classic

The Winkel rattle and teether, by Manhattan Toy, is an award winning classic, a true “must have” for parents and infants. Its maze of soft, continuous tubes and its stunning colors instantly capture and hold baby’s attention. The mesmerizing loop design and lightweight construction make it very easy for little hands to grab, hold and rattle – a perfect clutching toy to engage baby’s gross motor skills. The center cube features a quiet rattle so baby can explore sound and cause and effect. The soft, pliable loops are BPA-free for teething or gumming babies. Winkel can also be refrigerated to provide a more soothing experience for particularly sore baby gums and teeth. Winkel’s patented design and developmental features have made it a baby favorite, parent “go to” for over 25 years.

Award Winner

For over 30 years, Manhattan Toy has been making award-winning, high quality, visually appealing toys for babies, toddlers and kids. Our Winkel rattles and teethers have long been recognized for their unique developmental features and continue to receive accolades after 25 years of play. The Winkel's most recent honors include the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award and the Special Needs Adaptable Product Award in 2013. All of our products, from the newest concepts to our time-tested classics, are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight our customers.

Manhattan Toy Manifesto

Once upon a time, back when “text” was still a noun, and not every toy had batteries, there was a little toy company that set out to become the best toy company ever. Not because it endeavored to make a more loveable teddy bear or a truck that turns into a wristwatch, but because it endeavors to make a difference. This little company called Manhattan Toy recognizes that we are profoundly influenced by what we play with. That in every little pair of hands lies not a marketing opportunity, but a chance to positively affect the future. That having a sense of humor means the difference between enduring life, and enjoying it. If it doesn’t contain a wink and smile, it isn’t worth making. We remember every day that every invention on this earth, be it as complex as a Hadron collider, or as humble as Tupperware, as life-saving as penicillin or as life-altering as the Cronut, was dreamed into existence. We remember that the most powerful thing any of us within this life, is our imagination.

Additional Winkel Rattle and Teether Features

Lightweight design with soft tubes makes it easy and safe for little hands to grasp Can be safely refrigerated to provide a more soothing experience for sore gums Enclosed rattle in center cube helps reinforce cause and effect learning Additional Winkel styles include Colorburst Winkel, Zoo Winkel Owl, and Zoo Winkel Lion

Customer Reviews

Great toy – from birth on!

 on June 14, 2016
By Courtney L
My little guy loves this toy.

Excellent Developmental Rattle

 on November 5, 2015
By Zeek
This is such a fun toy for my son. It has a variety of colors which he enjoys looking at. Each of the “rings” are soft and pliable. They are easy for him to put in his mouth to chew on. It also has a pleasant rattle in the center box. The rattle makes a soft rattling noise, when shaken. I was also impressed with the weight of the toy. It looks rather large but is light enough for my 4 month old to easily pick up and shake around, without it falling on his face. He enjoys staring and turning the toy around to look at the different colors, so I feel that it is also improving his development. He is now 6 months old and is still happily playing with it, so it looks like this may be a long-term toy (yah!). Definitely would recommend this toy to other parents of little ones.


 on October 3, 2016
By Sgt.Ogre
My 4 month old son LOVES this toy! It is great for his teething and he can hold on to it easily. Even throw it across the room, haha!

Baby’s favorite toy

 on October 4, 2017
By Shelly Owe Noo
This toy is awesome, I highly recommend. It was the first toy my daughter was interested (at about 2.5 months). It seemed to really help develop her grasping ability. She could always get ahold of it and if she accidently hit herself in the face with it, it didn’t hurt her like some of the other little rattles and things she has. She is now almost 5 months and still loves to manipulate and chew on it. The only thing i would say is which really should be common sense but as with pretty much anything you give an infant, I’d keep an eye on them when playing with it. My husband was concerned because he noticed recently, now that she is using her feet a lot more and wiggling around a lot that it once got wrapped around her arm and foot at the same time and was worried she would hurt herself. Just something we noted; still an awesome product.

it was clearly her favorite. I don’t think I’ve seen her enjoy any …

 on January 19, 2016
By Emily
I’m always a little skeptical of toys that are well reviewed because I know a lot of toys that are “5 star” that just don’t appeal to everyone. We did a lot of research so that we would only have to buy two or three teething items for our 3 month old, and this toy was one of them.

Great for us

 on November 4, 2017
By Rose Of Sharon Rice
Our daughter really loved her OBall, so we got this Winkle (the name makes us laugh every time….). She enjoyed this just as much as her OBall, if not more because she can chew on it. She couldn’t care less about the fact that it rattles, but we knew that wasn’t what we were getting it for. We’d still buy it again.

Great sensory toy!

 on February 7, 2017
By Coco Alvarado
Absolutely love this toy. My daughter can sit and play with this for a while without getting bored. She continually tries to get the little square in the center and loves that it makes a rattle sound. I gave this toy to her at about 3 months and it helped her to learn how to pass from each hand with control. It also is sensory with all the loops and colors. I will be saving this for the next little one!

Really engaging toy that will encourage 2 handed play.

 on September 22, 2016
By V. Castle
This toy drew my sons attention right away. I gave it to him when he was about 3 months old (he’s just over 4 months old now) and it really encouraged 2 handed play. It rattles just enough and he loves chewing on it too. This toy goes everywhere with us and I just use some plastic links to attach it to the stroller belt so it doesn’t get dropped. It can’t really be sanitized (I saw from other melted reviews) and it doesn’t come with any cleaning instructions. I assume it cannot be submerged either so I’ve been cleaning it with a cloth and mild soapy warm water.

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