Cards Against Humanity

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Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card. Reviews of Cards Against Humanity: "Pretty amazing." – The Onion AV Club "An incredible game." – Mike "Gabe" Krahulik, Penny Arcade "Uncontrollable laughter." – Kill Screen Magazine "The game your party deserves." – Thrillist "A game." – The Daily Beast

Customer Reviews

Operation Get My Family Back

 on November 16, 2017
By Not Offended
This game is so much fun. I played it with 3 generations family last weekend. I’ve been fearful of us drifting apart. Usually the adult nephews are bored and ready to bolt. Everybody has to be “someplace.” I had reservations about playing this game w my mom and her grandsons so I pulled maybe 30 of the most “horrible” cards but after about 20 min I started shuffling them in. We as a family haven’t laughed and enjoyed each others’ company in a VERY long time. After 2 hours flashed past more than one face hurt from laughing.

This game is just f***ing great!

 on October 29, 2014
By Paul Gomez
Ever wondered what a grown-up version of Apples to Apples would look like? Well, Cards Against Humanity is the perfect response to that desire.

Must have for every party or adult game night.

 on January 2, 2016
By Ash MarksTM
It’s fairly common knowledge that this game is very offensive. So if you’re easily offended, it’s a no brainier that this is not the game for you. Lots of sexual cards, a bit of Holocaust ‘humor’ cards, and there are even a card or two in there mentioning pedophilia. My husband has a pretty obscene sense of humor, but even we had to take out some cards (mostly the pedophilia cards, and he doesn’t like the ones mocking God or Jesus.) The game is amazing, though, so it’s not really a big deal at all to toss 5 or 6 cards that go to far for us. There are PLENTY more to chose from that are still ridiculous and entertaining, especially if you go into the expansion packs.

Non-stop laughter and groans… Simple fun for a gathering of the right (or wrong) people.

 on July 11, 2016
By Divalalake
I’ve been hearing so much about this game, and I love opportunities to do things together with a good group of people. So, I finally decided to buy this game. It was everything I hoped and more! The rules are fairly simple, and it didn’t take long for the group of us to understand the premise of the game and then to truly embrace it. The game doesn’t tell you when a person has, “won” so we decided after playing for over an hour that we should stop when someone reached 10 points. We had a small group this time, just four of us. And because it was our first time, we didn’t use any of the recommended variations to the game. And I don’t currently have any of the many expansion packs. The rules are simple, find the best (or worst possible) words to fill in the blank for a phrase, or to answer a question. The power to decide who provided the best answer is in the hands of one person and it rotates each turn. There are lots of possible answers, and a decent amount of “questions” which is where I think all of the expansion decks must come in handy. The cards are the same stock as a good set of playing cards. So, that makes shuffling them fairly easy to do. In all, it was definitely worth the money and I can’t wait to play again. We even had a laugh over the inspection tag that was located in the box. It’s NOT your standard tag. I’m already planning a get together so I can get friends together to play. I paid full price for this game, and did not receive any discount. These are my unbiased opinions.

Soooo much fun!!!

 on January 13, 2017
By Karen C
LOVE this game!!!!! I originally bought this as a Christmas gift, but our plans fell thru and we didnt see the person whom it was intended for. I debated on returning it, but I am SOOO glad I didnt!! We had a small get together with a couple of friends and this game was a huge hit, I cant remember the last time I laughed so hard. I am looking forward to purchasing the expansion packs, as everyone had so much fun we now have a once a week game night.


 on July 8, 2016
By autumntrees37
This is the best game I have ever played!

Hilarious yet wrong….so wrong.

 on March 28, 2016
By Sean and Heather Gilliland
If you like to laugh, and you don’t take life too seriously then you will likely enjoy this game. If you are the type to be easily offended I would RUN, because this is likely the most offensive game you will ever play. I mean the name “Card’s against humanity” kinda hints at that though. You will feel like you need a preacher, some holy water, to wach your mouth out with soap etc. after making some of the choices you make in this game. You will feel even MORE guilty laughing your BOOTY off at it. It’s wrong. Oh so wrong….yet so right. You learn a lot about a person’s humor when playing this game. That is part of the concept actually. If you are good at reading people you will quickly learn the patterns of a person’s decision making. Some people like to choose the “best fit”, some like to choose anything that has to do with bodily functions, Some like to choose the most random answer possible and some will choose anything that has an animal involved. You will learn this about people (hopefully) and be able to customize your “answers” to give yourself a better chance at winning. That leaves me with the “CONCEPT” of the game. It’s pretty easy. Everyone gets a set number of answer cards that they do not show anyone. Then one at a time someone will read a question card. everyone (other than person asking the question), is then to put down the best answer to that question from the cards they have in their hand. The person who asked the question then reads them all out loud (this is where you will CRY laughing at some of the answers) and then selects which card they feel is best. Whoever placed that card down gets a point. Most points in the end wins. Simple, silly, fun. Don’t play with your grandmother unless she is a dirty, dirty lady 😉


 on December 28, 2015
By Jaytrade
Everyone knows this one (or should). While it was a great game there is a drawback: Once you know all the cards, it is a very boring game or you need to play it with people who have not yet played it which is not easy to find. I know there are expansion sets, but they are pretty expensive for a lot less cards. Also some of the cards are already dated so they are not fun with people who live in the internet age where only the last few memes matter.

CAH! So Much Fun!

 on December 26, 2015
By Daniel
Love this game! Bought a copy for me and my girlfriend to play with our friends! Still not tired of it yet. Requires a special kind of sense of humor.. Shipping was fast! 5/5 would buy again. 10/10 would recommend to a friend!

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